Heroes Charity Print - 2022

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Heroes Charity Print - 2022

Launched at IW-Heroes Con 2022 and is an exclusive to Heroes.
Drawn by the legendary top bloke Glenn Fabry.
All pr
ofits from these prints will be donated to the YMCA Young Carers.
A unique print featuring four different British comic characters from four different publishers.
Limited to just 100 prints.
Featuring: Judge Dredd – 2000AD Dryagin – To the Death Valkyr13 – The77 Hardcore Hare – Something new coming soon. Each print is signed and numbered by the following creators: Glenn Fabry Simon Furman Geoff Senior Andrew Sawyers Dan Digby
All characters have been used with the permission from their respected owners.
Judge Dredd © Rebellion 2000 AD Ltd. All Rights Reserved Hardcore Hare © Dan Digby All Rights Reserved 
VALKYR13 © Sawyers/Georgiou All Rights Reserved To The Death © 2022 Forged By Fire Productions. All Rights Reserved.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review